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Aurora Portable Vape Pen

Dr Dabber Aurora

With everyone out there looking for the best wax pen, I think it’s safe to say we found a very worthy contestant. It’s Dr. Dabber’s new Aurora vape pen made for wax and oil extracts. This pen is similar in style to the Dr. Dabber Ghost, which was widely acclaimed as being the top dog of vape pens, and comes with 3 styles of atomizers that we’ll talk about too. The Piece De Resistance that makes this pen so much different than anything else we have EVER seen before is called SnapTech Magnetic Technology.

What’s SnapTech Magnetic Technology?

Unlike most vape pens that use 510 threading to connect the three main pieces (battery, atomizer chamber, and mouthpiece) the Aurora is connected using state-of-the-art innovation from Dr. Dabber, SnapTech Magnetic Technology. Each of the various pieces connects to each other securely using powerful magnets. This allows you to quickly disconnect each piece for storage or reloading your atomizer. Even the charger attaches magnetically. The only part of this pen that isn’t held together by magnetics is the mouthpiece, which uses the standard rubber O-rings.

On the topic of mouthpieces, I should mention that the Aurora’s mouthpiece is made from ceramic as opposed to the standard, cheap plastic or metal. The ceramic absorbs the heat very well and means your mouthpiece isn’t going to get hot. It feels natural to hit from and conforms to the mouth nicely.

I’ll be honest at first I was a bit skeptical. The experience I’ve had with magnetic integrated products hasn’t been the best. You find that the connections are weak and often times the magnets lose their magnetic properties fairly fast. With that being said, this isn’t the case at all with the Aurora. The magnets are easy enough to pull apart and strong enough to hold it together. I took this thing with me in my pocket on a mountain bike trail and to my surprise it stayed connected the whole time.

Talk About Sexy…Dr Dabber Aurora

Like I said earlier this pen is almost identical in style to the Ghost. If you need stealth, this pen has it. The black matte finish makes it the stealth bomber of vape pens. The color makes it really low-key in contrast to some of the other pens like Source Orb and Kandypens, which have flashy, glossy color schemes.

The Atomizers

This kit includes three atomizers; a dual quartz rod, a dual ceramic rod, and a ceramic halo, all of which feature a FULL quartz chamber. The introduction of quartz into atomizers has proven to be extremely beneficial and common among the best wax pens. This is because quartz is an inert, nonporous mineral, so it’s not going to absorb any of your oil or turn that nasty brown color. Every time you load it up it will look brand new allowing for the purest flavor possible.

Having a full quartz chamber also means your reclaim isn’t going to stick to the walls like that of a ceramic chamber. It can be pushed or melted back down onto the atomizer. This is a feature appreciated by those like myself who are always trying to be the most efficient with their concentrates.

A common theme you’ll see with all these atomizers is that they are going to optimize low temperature. The main benefit of this is flavor. You aren’t vaporizing your concentrates as fast so you can actually taste and enjoy the subtitle flavors. I mean Dr. Dabber’s slogan is “Less heat, more flavor.” And you can believe they stayed true to that with the Aurora!

Let’s talk a bit about each atomizer

  • Dual Quartz Rods with Quartz Chamber –This atomizer uses two quartz rods wrapped in titanium wire to vaporize your concentrate. It’s the perfect mix of flavor and vapor production. Now with this atomizer you are going to want avoid taking slower, longer draws otherwise you’ll get a harsher hit and less flavor. Faster draws are the way to go with this one and you’ll be rewarded with a nice haze of delicious vapor.
  • Dual Ceramic Rods with Quartz Chamber – Again nothing new about using ceramic rods in an atomizer. What we haven’t seen before, though, is ceramic rods with a quartz chamber. This is a nice twist to an otherwise standard atomizer, giving you the best of both worlds. This one is probably going to give you the strongest hit of the three and will produce some nice clouds but at the expense of the flavor. With those longer draws the ceramic is going to give you a little bit smoother hit than the quartz.
  • Ceramic Halo with Quartz Chamber – Finally, the pièce de résistance, and my favorite atomizer of the three. This atomizer doesn’t use rods wrapped in titanium wire to vaporize your concentrates. Instead it utilizes a ceramic donut meaning that your concentrates never touch any exposed coil. The ceramic donut vaporizes with a slower, more thorough heating process. The result of this is extreme flavor and efficiency, much more so than the other two. Because of the low temperature design, slower, deeper draws (8-10 seconds) allowing the vapor to build are going to be the key here. You aren’t going to be getting clouds with this one but what you are going to get is a very smooth, flavorful hit.


The Battery
The Aurora, much like the Kandypens Galaxy, has a variable voltage battery with three different settings. Pushing the power button three times changes between the three different settings.

  • Green – Low heat
  • Blue – Medium
  • Purple – High

I find it best to use the medium and high setting for the dual ceramic and quartz coils, while using the low setting will optimize the performance of the ceramic halo.



  • The airflow holes sit low on these atomizers.
  • After some use I noticed a tiny amount of oil had seeped out. Very small amount and a Q-tip dipped in ISO cleaned it off no problem. Just be careful how much concentrate you load, 0.2g is plenty.
  • Since this doesn’t use 510 threading you cannot use different batteries/bubbler attachments.


  • The SnapTech Magnets make loading and taking this pen apart so much more convenient and it’s pretty cool too.
  • Low temperature design with three quartz chamber atomizers. (loveee these)
  • Matte black finish combined with minimal vapor from the ceramic halo makes this pen very stealthy

This is another quality product coming from Dr. Dabber. You can tell they really took their time crafting this beautiful pen. Previous to this I used to think that Kandypens Galaxy had some of the best quartz atomizers but these new ones from Dr. Dabber are proving to be a solid competitor AND you get THREE atomizers instead of one. Using the ceramic halo combined with the super sleek and stealthy matte finish makes this pen very discrete. 

…I mean come on, it doesn’t get much better than that.